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How to make a Selfie Invite Video

Hey everyone, my name is [NAME]. And I wanted to invite you and your family out to my church this Sunday for Easter Online at Eagle Creek Church.  I’ve been attending Eagle Creek Church for about [Number] years and we love it! One of the things we love about the church is the [Kids, Worship, Preaching, etc]. [Additional item about that area]. 


I know that this month has been challenging for most of us, so this Easter our whole service is designed to bring encouragement and hope in a moving and creative way. 


We have 5 services to choose from – Saturday at 6 p.m and Sunday at 8:15, 9:30, 11:00 a.m. and 6 p.m. 


If you’d like more information or if you want to attend, just leave your favorite emoji in the comments.  Mine is the [describe favorite emoji].  What’s yours?   Why don’t you leave yours in the comments if you want more information or to attend, and (I’ll) we’ll get in touch with you!  We really hope that you can join me, us for Easter at Eagle Creek Church, it’s gonna be awesome!



Selfie Video Tips


It can give you a boost of confidence if you know you’re doing everything you can make your selfie video even more likely to be watchable and engaging.  Here are some tips:


  • When you are done making your video post it to your own page and then tag Eagle Creek Church.  That way they know where to find us this weekend.

  • Wear casual clothes.  If you look comfortable, chances are your audience will feel more comfortable with you!

  • Bring your dog or your kid along!  This amps up the cute factor and makes people more likely to want to watch your video.

  • Just have fun with it!  Tell a joke, laugh at yourself, use a wacky filter, or go a little off-topic…  Just try to keep your video under 40 seconds!  We suggest asking people to comment with their favorite emoji - it makes it fun, and therefore people are more likely to engage!

  • Finally, men, ask your wife to appear in the video with you!  You just might see better response rates.   For some reason, selfie ads do much better when there’s a woman in the video.  We’re not exactly sure why this is, but we’re pretty sure this Easter will not be a magical exception. 

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