Become a Group Leader



1. Group host

You may choose to offer your home for a group to meet in.  Your role would be to make sure that the home is cleaned and ready for the group each week.  Set out enough chairs for each group member and be ready to welcome folks as they arrive.  You may also want to serve some light snacks and drinks or organize these each week.


2. Group leader

Group leaders have a heart to disciple and care for others.  They are responsible to facilitate the discussion each week, prep any Bible lesson and discussion questions or supplies, and minister to your group members throughout the week.  Our hope is that each of our groups cares for their members not just while they are together, but throughout the rest of the week as well.  Praying for one another, bringing them meals after surgery, caring for them when they are hurting. 


ACTIVITY GROUPS – Activity groups meet for the purpose of friendship and doing activities that they love with others. These may be sports, hobbies, fitness classes, outdoor activities, etc. 


SUPPORT GROUPS – Support groups are offering care for those who are walking through a difficult time.  This may be a recovery program or a support group for those who are needing someone to talk with and give advice in life.


GROWTH GROUPS – Growth groups have one purpose…to help people grow in their relationship with Christ.  They study the Word of God together, go through a book or video series together, or meet for the purpose of prayer.  Yes, we have a fun time, but the main goal is truly spiritual growth and encouragement. 

All groups should include a devotion time and prayer time regardless of type.


  • We encourage all group leaders to be a part of ongoing leader training offered 2 – 3 times per year.

  • We have 3 trimesters per year.  Fall (12 weeks), Winter (12 weeks) and Summer (8 weeks)  We encourage group leaders to go ahead and take a few weeks off between trimesters so that they don’t become overwhelmed with the work load of leading a group.

  • We ask group leaders to communicate with the staff monthly letting us know how your group is going.  This helps the church to be aware of the health of the groups and the group members.


  • Click below to provide us some details about your group.  A group page will be created by the Eagle Creek Church staff and then you’ll be able to log in to your page and make some adjustments as needed.  You’ll also be able to share the link to your specific group on your social media pages, texts or email invites to friends.

  • Begin inviting friends to join you.  We’ll do general group promotions on Sundays, but your greatest opportunity for group members will be people you personally invite to join you.